Choosing a Shower installer

Most people enjoy a shower. Taking a shower is fast, safe, and because it uses less water saves homeowners money.

Showers are compact, which means that they are great for smaller homes. They are a good way of adding extra washing facilities to any home. Plumbers in NW8 install hundreds of new showers for people who want to upgrade their existing shower or want to add extra bathing facilities to their home. Loft extensions are a popular home improvement in the area. Many of these conversions include a shower. If you want a new shower here are some tips to help you to buy the right one for your home.

Ask a plumber in NW8 for advice

Your first step should always be to ask a local plumber from NW8 to visit your home and give you a quote. Doing so will give you the chance to discuss your options with a professional. Experienced plumbers, like us, have installed hundreds of showers in all kinds of homes. We know how to fit a shower into an awkward space, or improve pressure in an existing shower.

Plumbers stay up to date with rules and regulations. They can make sure that you do not end up buying a shower that is either not suitable for your home or does not comply with building and safety regulations. This is particularly important for landlords or those who plan to rent out rooms in their home. Failure to provide washing facilities that comply with all of the rules can result in fines and litigation.

An experienced plumber can make sure that where you are planning to put your new shower is viable from a plumbing point of view. If new mains drainage is needed, they can determine if the location of your extra bathroom or shower room is far enough away from the mains pipe to allow enough fall to comply with building regulations. They can also advise you about whether an inspection will be necessary and how long that aspect of the works will take.

At Action Services Plumbing, we can help you with the planning of your new shower. We will give you a full quote and install your shower quickly. If you are looking for a good plumber in NW8 call us on either 07973 88 37 08 or 0207 624 9098 or, if you prefer, use the contact form on this website.