London Plumber Hourly Rates

Action Services London Plumbers do not charge for:

1hr emergency response – when we are available

Our travel time

Our fuel

Or congestion/ULEZ charge.

Our London Plumber Rates are from the following rates per hour:

1 hour minimum charge on hourly rate plumber work in London, then in 15 minute units from hour 2 for London plumber work.


£85 P/H
Inclusive of VAT


£95 P/H
Inclusive of VAT


£115 P/H
Inclusive of VAT


£125 P/H
Inclusive of VAT


£160 P/H
Inclusive of VAT

Bank Holiday Weekends 7am-6pm

£125 P/H
Inclusive of VAT

Bank Holiday Weekends 6pm-12am

£135 P/H
Inclusive of VAT

Power Flushing in London is from £150.

Further Information About Our Plumber Rates in London

London Plumber estimates can be provided upon request and are free for existing customers. London Plumber fixed prices can be provided either verbally or in writing upon request before our plumbers start work. Commercial Boiler & Gas Safety certificates are charged at our hourly London Plumber Rates as listed above. Material collection for non-stock items is kept to a minimum and we will not exceed 45 minutes of the current hourly rate for that trade. Materials are charged at Trade Prices plus a 25% mark up. Invoices are digital (hard copy available upon request) & show a full description of work, including times & a full breakdown of materials & labour. Insurance Reports are charged at a nominal £50 which is redeemable against the future work.

London Plumbing Payment Methods

Cash payments to be made directly to the plumber in London

Credit/debit cards – We do not surcharge for credit card payments

Payment must be made once in receipt of our invoice

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Plumber Hourly Rates in London

Being a homeowner or business in the bustling city of London requires understanding the necessary expenses and charges associated with maintaining a comfortable and functional living space or work area. One such expense is the plumber hourly rate in London, a cost that can often seem daunting and confusing. However, with a little knowledge and insight, you can navigate the world of plumbing costs with ease and confidence.

Introduction to Plumber Hourly Rates in London
The hourly rate for a plumber in London is typically higher than in other parts of the UK, mainly due to the higher costs of living and operating a business in the capital city. These plumber rates can vary significantly depending on a few key factors, which we’ll explore in more depth throughout this article.
Whether you’re dealing with a minor leak, a full-scale renovation, or an emergency plumbing situation, understanding the plumber hourly rate in London is crucial. It allows you to budget effectively and ensures that you’re paying a fair price for the plumbing services you receive.
Understanding the Basics: What Influences a Plumber’s Hourly Rate?
Several factors influence a plumber’s hourly rate in London, such as their level of experience and expertise, the complexity of the job, and whether the work is being done during regular business hours or as an emergency call-out.
A plumber with many years of experience and specialist skills will typically charge a higher rate than a less experienced one. Similarly, a plumbing job that involves complex tasks or requires specialist tools will be priced higher. Emergency plumber work done outside of regular hours or on weekends and holidays will also cost more due to the inconvenience and disruption to the plumber’s schedule.
Breakdown of Plumber Hourly Rates in London
The average plumber hourly rate in London can range from £70 to £80 for standard jobs during regular business hours. However, for emergency call-outs or work done outside of regular hours, the rates can go up to £90 to £170 per hour. It’s essential to note that these plumber rates sometimes do not include VAT and the cost of any materials required for the job.
Additionally, many plumbers in London work on a fixed rate basis for specific jobs, such as installing a new boiler or repairing a leaky tap. In such cases, the total rate of the job is agreed upon upfront, providing you with certainty and the ability to budget accurately.
Factors Affecting Plumber Rates Per Hour in London

As mentioned earlier, several factors can affect plumber rates per hour in London. The plumber’s level of experience and qualifications is a significant factor. Plumbers who are members of professional bodies like the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) or Gas Safe registered engineers will generally charge a higher rate.

The geographical location within London can also affect the hourly rate. Areas in Central London and parts of West London are generally more expensive due to higher costs of living and operating a business. Also, the time and day the work is carried out can impact the cost. Emergency call-outs and work done outside of regular hours are usually more expensive.

Plumber Call Out Charges in London: What to Expect

A plumber call out in London typically involves an additional charge on top of the hourly rate. This charge is meant to cover the plumber’s time and travel expenses to get to your property. The average plumber call out charge in London can range from £50 to £100, depending on the time of day and the distance travelled.

It’s worth noting that some plumbers in London do not charge a separate call-out fee but instead incorporate it into their hourly rate or fixed price for the job. Always ensure that you understand the full pricing structure before agreeing to any work.

Comparison of Plumber Rates in London

The rates charged by plumbers in London can vary significantly based on the factors we’ve discussed. For example, a Gas Safe registered plumber performing an emergency boiler repair on a Sunday in Central London could charge an hourly rate of £100 or more. In contrast, a less experienced plumber carrying out a simple tap repair on a weekday in East London might charge an hourly rate of £40.

However, it’s important to remember that a higher rate doesn’t necessarily mean better service. Always consider the plumber’s qualifications, experience, and customer reviews when making your choice.

How to Find the Best Value for a London Plumber

When looking for a London plumber, your goal should be to find the best value rather than the cheapest price. A plumber who charges a slightly higher hourly rate but has a wealth of experience and positive customer reviews is likely to provide better value than a cheaper, less experienced plumber.

Start by getting quotes from several plumbers and comparing their rates. However, don’t base your decision solely on the price. Take the time to research each plumber’s qualifications, experience, and customer reviews. Also, ask about any additional charges, such as call-out fees or charges for emergency services.

Tips for Dealing with Plumber Call Out Charges

To minimise the impact of plumber call out charges, try to have as much work done in a single visit as possible. If you have multiple small plumbing jobs, it’s more cost-effective to have them all dealt with at once rather than calling out a plumber multiple times.

Also, make sure to ask the plumber about their call-out charges before agreeing to any work. Some plumbers may waive the call-out fee if you decide to go ahead with the work after they have assessed the job.

Plumbing Price Work in London: A Closer Look

Many London plumbers offer fixed-price work, also known as price work, for specific jobs. This means that the total cost of the job is agreed upon upfront, regardless of how long it takes to complete. This can be a cost-effective option for larger jobs, such as installing a new boiler or renovating a bathroom.

However, price work doesn’t always work out cheaper than hourly rate work. It’s crucial to get a detailed breakdown of the costs involved and compare it with the estimated cost of the same job on an hourly rate basis.

Decoding the London Plumbers Hourly Rate: A Case Study

Let’s take a closer look at the London plumbers hourly rate through a case study. Suppose you need a plumber to fix a leaky tap in your home in East London. After some research, you find a plumber who charges an hourly rate of £50 and a call-out charge of £50. The plumber estimates that the job will take about two hours to complete. So, the total cost of the job would be £150 (£50 call-out charge + 2 hours x £50).

However, you also find another plumber who offers fixed-price work for the same job at £120. Even though this plumber’s hourly rate is slightly higher at £60, the total cost of the job is lower because they have included the call-out charge in the fixed price.

Conclusion: Finding the Right London Plumber for Your Needs

Understanding the plumber hourly rate in London and the factors that influence it can help you make an informed decision when hiring a plumber. Remember, the cheapest plumber is not necessarily the best value. Always consider the plumber’s qualifications, experience, and customer reviews, and ensure that you understand the full pricing structure, including any additional charges.

Whether you need a simple tap repair or a full-scale bathroom renovation, finding the right London plumber for your needs is crucial. So, take your time, do your research, and make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

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